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  • Joyce McNally (Wednesday, January 11 17 03:27 am EST)

    Spirit Days 2017 - June 23 %26 June 24
    If you are a grad from Barbour Hall, Borgess School of Nursing,
    St. Joseph/Flint School of Nursing or Nazareth College this is a significant year for you: 50 years -- a milestone event! Please contact the Nazareth Association Office (269.342.1191)for a list of your classmates and make plans to join them at Nazareth in June.

  • Linda Schaner (Tuesday, May 17 16 03:30 am EDT)

    Death of Lois Roeters Weesies
    Lois was my classmate for Borgess School of Nursing Class of 1966
    Lois died unexpectedly Feb 8, 2015 She was a dear friend, devoted to her family %26 friends. She was religious with great Faith in God %26 his goodness.
    She was older than most of us in our Class of 1966 because she already had a career as a legal secretary but felt the calling to become a nurse; her family relied on her good judgments throughout her years.
    She will always have a special place in my heart as over the last few years we had been able to renew our friendship so I loved it when we could spend time together..... she had a peaceful presence %26 a loving listening ear. She always was "engaged" with life.
    I envision her playing the piano or organ %26 singing in Heaven.
    I miss her Linda Schaner

  • zadie jackson (Thursday, December 03 15 02:08 am EST)

    Nazareth Motherhouse
    Today is December 3, 2015. Look at an online article in the Kalamazoo Gazette. Type in MLive. This will take you to the site.

    You may be sad. You may not care. This may be new information to you. You may have questions, i.e. What happens to the History Room?

    You might begin planning to come to Spirit Day 2016. I may be one of the last times you will be able to attend Mass in the Chapel.

  • Daniel Barrett Nazareth 1989 (Thursday, June 18 15 08:38 pm EDT)

    Pamela S. Knowlton
    Passed away on February 26, 2015. She was 55; Pamela graduated from Nazareth College in 1984 and worked in the registrar's office there.

  • Daniel Barrett Nazareth 1989 (Thursday, June 18 15 08:34 pm EDT)

    Joyce Ranger-Brown
    Passed away on March 5, 2015. She was 62 years of age. She graduated from Nazareth College

  • Daniel Barrett Nazareth College 1989 (Thursday, June 18 15 08:31 pm EDT)

    Mary A. Barone-Sieklucki
    Graduated from St. Augustine High School and Nazareth College in Kalamazoo, MI. She passed away on May 3, 2015 she was 93. Mary established and directed the Nazareth College Preschool Center.

  • Daniel Barrett class of 1989 (Thursday, June 18 15 08:26 pm EDT)

    Cecelia Klein-Smenczuk
    St. Camillus School of Nursing. Passed away March 2, 2015; she was 93. Served as a 2nd Lieutenant in U.S. Army Nurse Corps. in Burma and India during World War 2. She worked at Kalamazoo State Hospital and the V.A. Hospital in Battle Creek, MI.

  • Daniel Barrett (Thursday, June 18 15 08:20 pm EDT)

    Michael J. Lisak
    Passed away on Friday March 6, 2015. He was a Nazareth Association member who attend Barbour Hall Military Academy, located on the Nazareth Campus, Kalamazoo, MI He 63 years old.

  • Angelo Corridori (Monday, February 16 15 02:30 am EST)

    Mary (Cabic) Hunt
    I am trying to reach Carol (Cabic) Hunt. I found a 2011 newsletter from your organization on the web. Carol wrote an article for that newsletter but there is no contact information for her. So I am posting to this forum in the hope that someone there knows her address or phone number or a way to get in touch with her.

    The reason I am trying to contact her is that my father (Frank Corridori) I believe was her Godfather. I am doing some genealogy research and my father and Carol's father were apparently boyhood friends and that is perhaps why my father was asked to be Carol's Godfather. I was hoping to speak with Carol to see if she had any recollection of my father or perhaps her father might have told her something about his friendship with my father when they were young men. If anyone knows how to contact her or can pass this message along to her, I'd appreciate it. You can reach me at: Thanks for any help.

  • Daniel Barrett (Friday, October 31 14 07:57 am EDT)

    Barbour Hall Facebook page
    I was recently made aware of a facebook page for those who went to Barbour Hall. I am not sure who started it, however, if you went to Barbour Hall you may want to look for it.

  • Daniel Barrett (Wednesday, October 08 14 04:31 am EDT)

    Spirit Day 2015
    The date for Spirit Day in 2015 will be September 25-26, 2015; please watch this website for ways to register, purchase memorabilia, make a financial contribution, find friends and organize to attend in 2015.

  • George Levy (Monday, September 22 14 10:04 pm EDT)

    Dorothy Suma from Detroit (1966)
    Any one know of Dorothy Suma from Detroit, attended Nazareth around 1966 and 67?

  • Daniel Barrett (Wednesday, September 10 14 02:59 am EDT)

    2014 Spirit Day
    classes of 1985-1992 please make a serious attempt to attend this year. It is wonderful weekend and you won't be disapponted. The campus has changed but is still beautiful and full of memoriecomplexed pass the word!!

  • Anita Wisser Turley) (Saturday, April 05 14 06:33 am EDT)

    Naz 86-90
    College tours for our high school junior. Touring Catholic Colleges in MI and IN. These tours are bringing back so many happy memories of being at Nazareth. I hope my children look back on their college years with fond memories like I have.

    Thanks to those involved with the Nazareth Association that are keeping those memories alive. Hoping to be present in September 2014.

  • Rachel Prater Crow) (Tuesday, March 18 14 03:24 am EDT)

    Deployed to Afghanistan
    I am currently deployed with the US Navy in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Would love to hear from anyone from class of 1992.

  • Michael Coleman (Wednesday, December 18 13 10:22 pm EST)

    Passing of Evelyn Marie Gruber Johnson
    To see Evelyn's obiturary please click here:

  • Daniel Barrett (Monday, October 28 13 09:50 pm EDT)

    Check out pictures of new and some old memorabilia items on Facebook: Check out Nazareth College in Kalamazoo, MI. Or contact me VIA email or 800-234-6531 x.222(work)
    Blue Fleece with Nazareth Association logo
    Small to XL $40; XXL $42; XXXL $45

    Light Gray Nazareth Crest/logo sweatshirts
    Small to XL $32; XXL $35

    St. Camillus/Borgess School of Nursing crest, Navy Blue long sleeve T-shirts Small to XL $20; XXL $22

    Heather Gray Nazareth Association logo sweatshirt, one medium left $25

    Light Blue XL hooded sweatshirt Nazareth Association logo $30

  • Rita Faulkner) Bevers (Thursday, September 12 13 02:07 am EDT)

    Nazareth Academy 1964 graduating class
    If you graduated from Nazareth Academy in 1964, please contact me. Would love to make
    contact with you. I have often wondered what happened to all of my friends from high school.

  • Theo Mc Cracken (Tuesday, July 30 13 03:38 am EDT)

    lost friend from class of 73
    I am Theo McCracken owner of Dead River Coffee in Marquette Mi. In the early 1970's I was a young soldier in love with a Nazareth student. Her name was at the time Christine Maynard. I am a happy man today in part because of her, and the memories that presist, of sunlite days, azalias in bloom in Augusrta Ga in the spring, of days on the lake and dancing very close are comforting. I have remembered this woman for over 40 years. Please help me reconnect.

  • catherine friedman (Sunday, July 14 13 03:43 am EDT)

    1960 graduates
    My mom Judy Hanna graduated in 1960. I am seeking classmates of hers to share memories for a 70th birthday surprise.


  • Joyce McNally (Thursday, June 20 13 10:57 pm EDT)

    Nazareth Association Newsletter
    If this is your first time visiting our website, welcome! If you are a regular, thank you for your support!

    Especially want to call your attention to the NEWS section. Click on it, then in the far left column click on NEWSLETTERS. All previous issues of the Nazareth Association News will be listed, including the most current 2013 Spring edition. Issues beginning with 2009 Spring will be in color -- photos, fill-ins, etc.

    Hope you enjoy this feature. Feedback appreciated.

    Joyce NC'60

  • Mary Ann Donahue Kostelaz) (Sunday, March 31 13 07:47 pm EDT)

    Nazareth Academy: 50 years later!
    Judy Ruzicska (Kastely) and I are looking to pull together a 50th reunion for the Nazareth Academy class of 1963 this fall. It looks as if Nazareth Association has not scheduled a "Spirit Day" for this fall. Are there any classmates out there interested in having a reunion? Judy and I are in California.

  • Jackie Sargent-Caldwell (Sunday, February 17 13 11:27 pm EST)

    Where are you?
    Looking for classmates in the following years: 1987, 1988, 1989. Contact me via my email or this message board.

  • JIM QUINLAN (Saturday, February 09 13 09:23 pm EST)




  • Jeff Way (Tuesday, November 27 12 02:16 am EST)

    Class of 1987 Memories
    Playing soccer during the Steve Unger years with Kevin Labadie, Randy Packer, Michael Graham, Doug Beauregard, Todd Perrin, Hideto Watanebe, Dave Nivala,John Roumayah.
    Hanging out with Brian DeCook
    The quiet library
    The day someone kidnapped the Elias Brothers Big Boy and gave him a new home on the Nazareth College campus.
    Walking back to the dorms from the GRT
    Listening to Billy Idol and Madonna songs while eating at the Tunnel Stop

    Cool people in Nazareth history like Jo Phebus, Darlene Mosher, Debbie Loomis, Father Dick Lilieart (sp?), Sr. Rosemary Kenarny, Pat Smith, Jeff Morgan

    If anyone has heard from Michele Zingrebe, Todd Perrin, Ian Shepherd and has their contact information, please let them know im looking for them:)

  • Michael Coleman (Tuesday, October 23 12 05:11 am EDT)

    Riding the big blue carts through the tunnels
    Steak Night
    Doing "rounds" in the dorms (I was an RA)
    Sneaking out into the cemetery at night
    Painting murals in the Environmental room in thhe old academy building
    The stairway in the old academy building
    Running around the track in the fitness building
    And many more....

  • Joy Vantrease (Thursday, September 27 12 07:36 pm EDT)

    Fellow classmates 1957%261961
    I am sorry to miss the gathering this year. I plan to visit Kazoo in the Spring. Hope some of my Academy classmates see this and let me know when you get together. I would love to join you. To my college classmates...hope you enjoy the gathering as much as I did in 2011. Peace be with you, Joy{ce}

  • Kay Parrish Zink (Thursday, September 20 12 03:43 am EDT)

    Lost Classmates, and Coming to Spirit Day on the 29th of September
    Is anyone from the class of 86 or 87 coming to Spirit Day in a few weeks? Haven't been to one since 09. Feel free to contact me at 517 485-0887. Have been wondering what happened to Kim Price, Janet Lee, the Bramble sisters, Dana Nicholson and many more. Hope to hear from anyone


  • Shirl (Sunday, September 16 12 06:21 am EDT)

    Well macaadima nuts, how about that.

  • Marty Zenk) Lemon (Thursday, September 13 12 04:55 am EDT)

    class 1967
    I often think of the wonderful years (63-67) spent at Naz. Were you there during those years?

  • Cathy Kanyuk Krout (Wednesday, April 11 12 01:35 am EDT)

    Email correction
    Cathy Krout (Kanyuk) '73

  • Cathy Kanyuk Krout 1973 (Monday, April 09 12 04:06 am EDT)

    Seeking whereabouts of Anita Lendzion
    Looking for a great gal who played a signicant role influencing me my freshman year Anita Lendzion was one of the original nursing graduates from the BSN program at Nazareth. Any information on contacting her would be greatly appreciated.

  • Mary Kirklin Remer (Saturday, February 25 12 03:51 am EST)

    Seeking BSN Class of 1962
    Hi Everyone,
    It's time we got together. Please contact me about arrangements.

  • Sheila Murphy (Friday, October 07 11 10:14 pm EDT)

    Sister Ginny Jones - Article in Imagine One
    Great article today, Sister Ginny Jones! I thoroughly enjoyed your perspectives regarding water.

    Thanks, and hope you thrive!

  • Lee Guidi Cunningham (Thursday, September 01 11 07:10 pm EDT)

    Academy alums
    Although I graduated from the college (yes, will be at our 50th), I attended the Academy for a year (1956) as a junior and am interested in knowing the names of the class who graduated in 1957. Does anyone have this info or know where I could get it? Thanks.

  • Jean Zwick Sherrett class of 1975 (Monday, August 29 11 05:14 am EDT)

    Spirit Day
    I am interested in attending Spirit Day this year. Anyone else from class of 74-75 out there?
    Would love to talk to those who knew Robert Alan Stafford (class of 75) who recently passed away.
    Zip a note through e-mail.

  • Kathleen Grates (Monday, July 25 11 06:35 am EDT)

    Class of 76
    It is with great sorrow that I share Jody Hove passed away Friday July 22, 2011.
    Her funeral is Wednesday July 27th @ Fountain Church in Grand Rapids.
    If anyone could contact
    Sharon Smith
    Marianne Crane
    Thanks Kathy

  • Randy Berd (Thursday, May 05 11 10:13 pm EDT)

    Class of 1976 Reunion
    Nazareth College Graduation Class of 1976

    It has been 35 years!! Let's start thinking about meeting at this year's SPIRIT DAY in September. Would be great to see everyone once again! If you are interested - send me an email. Thanks -

    Randy Berd

  • Sue Ayres) Hill (Monday, January 10 11 01:47 am EST)

    John Lore

    John Lore To Lead Alliance

    John and Judy Lore, frequent Island visitors, have moved out of retirement and back from Arizona to Bay City, where Mr. Lore became president and CEO of the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance August 1.

    Mr. Lore formerly served on the board of directors of the Mackinac Island Community Foundation.

    The Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance is a collaborative effort of business and community leaders from Saginaw, Bay City, Midland, and surrounding areas to promote economic growth and community vitality through cooperation among business, industry, government, health care, labor, tourism, and education.

    Mr. Lore has had numerous leadership positions in healthcare, education, and public and private partnerships and fund development. Most recently, he served as senior vice president and consultant for Detroit Medical Center.

    He retired as president and CEO of Sisters of St. Joseph/Ascension Health in 2000, after overseeing the merger of the Daughters of Charity National Health System and the Sisters of St. Joseph Health System, forming the nations largest not-for-profit health care system with more than 107,000 employees in 20 States.

    He was the founding president and CEO of ConnectMichigan Alliance, created to provide support systems to build and strengthen volunteer communities throughout Michigan, and was president of Nazareth College of Kalamazoo, president and CEO of Bay Economic Development Corporation, and president and CEO of Michigan Colleges Foundation.

  • Linda Kline Bultema (Wednesday, November 17 10 07:54 pm EST)

    Class of 1971's 40th Reunion next year
    Lets get together for our 40th reunion next year during Spirit Day 2011 (Sept. 16-17 (F-Sa)) at the former college. Please contact me if you are interested. I see Mary Reddy, Mona Bourdages Erickson, Joanne Copenhaver Barretta, Judy Macrowski and Patti Schertzing periodically. I'll contact them about attending. Hope to see you there. Linda

  • Chuck Mielke (Sunday, October 31 10 04:29 am EDT)

    Barbour Hall 1967-1969
    I'm hoping to make contact with anyone that attended Barbour Hall from 1967-1969. I was a 7-day border during this period and would like to share memories and photos.

    Thank you!

  • Marge LaCombe Freundl (Tuesday, September 07 10 02:14 am EDT)

    Class of 1970 - reunion
    Looking for classmates going to the reunion this year...40 years! Mary Margaret and I will be there.

  • Helene Rivers Lewis) (Friday, August 27 10 11:46 pm EDT)

    Nazareth Academy Class of 1962
    Just discovered this website after seeing an article in the Kazoo Gazette! Been trying to find old classmates on various websites.
    Just seeing the pix on this webpage brings back so many memories!
    Recently retired from Chicago and moved back to Mich. and am anxious to get in touch.

  • Sharon Koziel (Sunday, January 24 10 02:42 am EST)

    Website is looking great and I hope we get lots of photo for the photo albums. I have such great memories of my years at Nazareth College. Hi to all!

  • Audie Gosnell) Bair (Friday, October 30 09 04:35 am EDT)

    in search of Karen Boudeman class of '60
    Please, if anyone knows of Karen (now Robine) please let me know. Judy and I have hooked up...she is in S.F. CA.


  • Daniel Barrett '89 (Friday, September 18 09 04:18 am EDT)

    New Website
    Looks really nice Michael. I had the old one in my favorites and does not come up anymore. Then I remembered Anne Marie telling me that you had done some work to the website. More like a lot of work. All is looking good for Spirit Day and the silent auction.

  • Suzanne Lareau (Monday, August 17 09 11:13 pm EDT)

    Impressive information
    Thanks so much Michael for keeping the spirit alive. Nazareth was an important place for so many of us and even though the builings are all gone the many things that we learned at Nazareth continue on through the many people whose lives we touch. See you on September 25 %26 26, it should be a great opportunity for all of us to reconnect.

  • Michael Coleman - Class of 1991 %26 1992 (Thursday, August 13 09 12:39 am EDT)

    New Website Design
    Greetings everyone - I am in the process of redesigning our website - I hope you like the changes - please let me know if you find any errors or if there is anything specific that you would like to see on our website.

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