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The 2019 annual contribution letters will only be mailed to people who donated over $500.  If you need a letter listing your contributions and do not receive one, please contact the Association Office after January 31st.



Nazareth Association Annual Gathering

replaces Spirit Day 


       date and time to be determined for 2020 


    further information to be posted by early spring



                             Office Number:  269.342.1191


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Welcome Home!

*****New 2019 Spring Newsletter !!*****

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Information pertaining to anew book by Margaret (Grady) Berkhousen, Borgess School of Nursing, Class of 1963.

posted in May 2019


Calling your attention to an article under the News tab by Joe Wlodyka, a Barbour Hall grad, 1964 and current Board member for Nazareth Association. It's a look-back on a happening while he was a student and worth a smile or two. Please contact the Association Office after  you read it. Your comments would be most welcome. (No longer a Board member, -- worth reading just the same. Was posted Nov 2017.)


December 22, 2017 a reflective article by Mary Ann Redmond was added to the News tab. Please contact the Association Office and and share your thoughts. Would you be interested in reading more articles like this?


See Susan Allen's piece -- a story of coincidences and how she reconnected with her Nazareth College classmate. It was posted the end of January 2018.


Nazareth was a life changer for Anita Rosenberg. She shares her story --  submitted and posted the middle of February 2018. Anita is currently the President of Nazareth Association.


Above info in magenta updated Nov 22, 2019


The Nazareth Association was formed to perpetuate the legacy of dedication to excellence in education embodied by the five educational institutions run by the Sisters of St. Joseph (now the Congregation of St. Joseph): St. Camillus/Borgess School of Nursing, Nazareth Academy, Barbour Hall, Nazareth College, and St. Joseph/Flint School of Nursing. These educational institutions provided more than an excellent education, they created a community of individuals dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, personal growth and professional preparation.

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Mission Statement

The members of the Nazareth Association, consisting of alumni, faculty and staff, and friends of the schools once operated by the Sisters of St. Joseph at Nazareth, Michigan, seek to continue the century-old tradition of wholistic human development through reunions and informative programs for the membership, as well as scholarships and grants to memorialize the search for knowledge and service to the world community.

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