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1957 1958 Barbour Hall Yearbook
complete yearbook sent in by George Reardon
Barbour Hall yearbook - year of 1957-58.[...]
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Barbour Hall - 1902 to 1979

Barbour Hall was a school for boys that was founded in 1902 by Monsignor Francis O'Brien. In 1941 a modified military program was incorporated into the daily routine and the name of the school became Barbour Hall Junior Military School. The annual Mother's Day ceremony is remembered to be a highlight of tradition. The school closed in 1979.

Barbour Hall Song

O, you boys of Barbour Hall, come step right up,

While we sing a proud refrain

To our Alma Mater, with a Hep! Hep! Hep!

And Hurrah! - then o’er again.

O, the hills will echo forth the shouts we raise,

As we pass beyond recall.

For our hearts are high as we greet you now

With a faith and a force that will never die

While we think of Barbour Hall.

And in life's declining when our work is done

And we gather up our toys

And we sit and ponder o’er the course we’ve run

Since the days when we were boys

And we sum up memories and compare

Our enjoyment great and small,

Shall we not consent we were most content

In the hours and the days and the years we spent

At dear old Barbour Hall.

                                                                           Reverend Hugh Gallagher, C.S.C.


Barbour Hall Memories:

The First Day of School

Mass in Holy Family Chapel

Getting up at 6:30 a.m.

Parent’s Day Parade

Blue and Gold Game

Halloween Party

Detroit Concert

Thanksgiving Vacation

Christmas Party and Program

Christmas Furlough

Mission Fair

Semester Surveys

Basketball Games

The Annual Play

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Joseph’s Day – Roller Skating Party

Easter Vacation

Senior Musical

Mother’s Day

Getting your Medal

Athletic Banquet

Band Concert

Marching the Square

Cherubs Day

Trip to Deer Forest

Class Day at Picotte’s

Field Day

Final Exams

Mock Commencement


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