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St. Joseph/Flint School of Nursing – 1950 to 1972


In 1973 St. Joseph School of Nursing, along with the Borgess School of Nursing, became the Nazareth College Department of Nursing Education. The last graduates to complete the three-year registered nursing course received their credentials in 1972.

St. Joseph School of Nursing

St. Joseph Hospital

When plans were being developed by St. Joseph Hospital in Flint to open a school of nursing in 1950, Reverend Mother M. Colette called a meeting of her council and administrative representatives of Nazareth College, St. Joseph Hospital and Borgess Hospital. The trend toward centralization of diploma schools of nursing was discussed by this group. They decided that, to insure college credit and a sound educational program for the students of St. Joseph and Borgess Hospitals, a central school of nursing should be established at Nazareth College. This was called Nazareth College Division of Nursing. St. Joseph Hospital Unit was called St. Joseph Unit; the Borgess Hospital Unit was called St. Camillus Unit. This central school was discontinued in 1958 when Nazareth College deemed it advisable to offer only baccalaureate programs. At this time, St. Joseph School of Nursing became an independent hospital school.


From 1958 until the fall of 1960, students at St. Joseph School of Nursing continued to go to Nazareth College to receive instruction in the basic sciences during the first year. In 1960, the incoming freshmen were enrolled at Flint Community Junior College for these sciences and were thus enabled to spend all three years of their education in Flint. Flint Community Junior College was a fully accredited two-year institution and offered the St. Joseph students many advantages of excellent instruction and broad contact with other college students. The directors of the school were Sister M. Benedicta 1950-1953, Sister M. Rosalind 1953-1958, Sister M. Carolita 1985-1961, Sister Francis Marie 1961.


St. Joseph School of Nursing was fully accredited by The National League of Nursing; approved by The Michigan Board of Nursing, an agency member of The Department of Diploma and Associate Degree Programs of The National League of Nursing; The Michigan League of Nursing, and The Conference of Catholic Schools of Nursing.

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