Nazareth Association
Nazareth Association

As indicated in Article III – 3.02 of the By-Laws, the Board of Directors “shall have general management and control of the business and affairs of the Association and shall exercise the powers that may be exercised or performed by the Nazareth Association under the statutes of the State of Michigan, the Articles of Incorporation, or the corporate Bylaws.”

A board member will:

Make both a philosophical and emotional commitment to Nazareth Association and its board of directors through a belief in its mission statement,

Come to the Board and committee meetings and actively participate with time and energy commitments,

Make a financial commitment with the understanding that some can give more than others and that asking our membership to make a financial contribution without one hundred percent support by all board members makes the Nazareth Association less credible,

Bring a special talent, knowledge, contact or other contribution to the board,

Actively recruit new memberships to Nazareth Association and Spirit Day,

Be a “working” board member and must be willing to participate in the endeavors of an event and/or project,

Abide with the Association’s rules and regulations with regards to confidentiality and conflict of interest,

Be of assistance in examining the Association’s fiscal and fiduciary responsibilities and

Serve as a responsible representative of the Association when called upon.


Article III – 3.06 Terms
Article III – 3.07 Resignation
Article III – 3.08 Removal
Article III – 3.09 Vacancies
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