Nazareth Association
Nazareth Association

The purpose of this committee is to further enhance the legacy of the five institutions – St. Camillus/Borgess School of Nursing, Nazareth Academy, Barbour Hall, Nazareth College, and St. Joseph/Flint School of Nursing – through the selection of board members that are reflective of these schools and the Nazareth Association. Specifically, this committee is responsible for the recruitment of individuals that will both complement and enhance the Nazareth Association Board of Directors. It is also responsible for any “continuing education” activities that may be needed by the board such as team building, confliction resolution, board etiquette, etc.

The Committee on Board Development is composed of a chairperson, two board members, and, if desired, two additional members of the Nazareth Association.

Specifically, this committee will:
  1. Maintain an active file of all individuals that may seek membership on the board with the understanding that one third of the board rotates off annually
  2. Conduct an annual “orientation” workshop for new board members
  3. Adhere to the Nazareth Association Bylaws, specifically Article III and Article VI
  4. Plan and execute any workshops that would be beneficial to all board members
  5. Provide updates, as needed, to the Nazareth Association website coordinator
  6. Work with the office staff to determine mailings, etc. to prospective board members
  7. Submit an annual financial request for inclusion into the annual fiscal budget
  8. Submit a written report at all board meetings
  9. Coordinate the portion of the Annual Meeting that is held on Spirit Days where nominations, elections, etc. are held
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