Nazareth Association
Nazareth Association

The purpose of this committee is to promote and provide fiscal responsibility given to us by the supporters and members of the Nazareth Association. This responsibility will be exercised through sound fiscal management as indicated through the implementation and adherence of policies and procedures.

The Committee on Budget and Finance is composed of the Treasurer that serves as the chairperson, President, Vice President, two board members, and, if desired, one additional member of the Nazareth Association.

Specifically, this committee will:
  1. Annually review the proposed budget brought forth by the Treasurer
  2. Meet on a quarterly basis to review budget expenditures, investments, financial accounts, etc. for advisement to the Treasurer
  3. Create and maintain fiscal policies and procedures
  4. Create and maintain a handbook on fiscal policies and procedures
  5. Review and remain knowledgeable of Nazareth Association’s annual report and audit,
  6. Meet with individuals and/or firms for greater guidance regarding fiscal matters, if necessary
  7. Submit a written report at all board meetings via the Treasurer.
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