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The purpose of this committee is to further enhance the legacy of the five institutions – St. Camillus/Borgess School of Nursing, Nazareth Academy, Barbour Hall, Nazareth College, and St. Joseph/Flint School of Nursing - that were sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph now known as the Congregation of St. Joseph.   This committee seeks to preserve the history and artifacts related to these institutions. This is accomplished by working closely with the archivist of the SSJ History Room and the various constituencies within the Kalamazoo community.


The Committee on CSJ Institutions and History is composed of a chairperson, two board members, and, if desired, two additional members of the Nazareth Association.


Specifically, this committee will:


1.      Determine the level of assistance on endeavors and projects desired by the Nazareth Association, the History Room personnel, and/or the CSJ community

2.      Maintain communication with the History Room archivist

3.      Submit a written report at all board meetings as to the status and activity of points one and two

4.      Provide updates, as needed, to the Nazareth Association website coordinator

5.      Submit an annual financial request for inclusion into the annual fiscal budget






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