Nazareth Association
Nazareth Association

The purpose of this committee is to maintain and enhance the presence of the Nazareth Association through its newsletter. This committee is responsible for the gathering of stories and information on all five institutions that have formed the Nazareth Association – St. Camillus/Borgess School of Nursing, Nazareth Academy, Barbour Hall, Nazareth College, and St. Joseph/Flint School of Nursing.

Via this newsletter, this committee will seek stories and articles from the board and its membership that will communicate the mission and any news about Nazareth Association and the Congregation of St. Joseph.

The Committee on Newsletter is composed of a chairperson, board members, and, if desired, additional members of the Nazareth Association.

Specifically, this committee will:
  1. Annually publish a spring newsletter and a fall newsletter
  2. Provide the Nazareth Association website coordinator with these newsletters for posting
  3. Work with the office staff regarding the publication and mailing procedures of these newsletters
  4. Work with the office staff in the gathering of information such as deaths, anniversaries, news worthy items, etc.
  5. Submit an annual financial request for inclusion into the annual fiscal budget
  6. Submit a written report at all board meetings
  7. Coordinate activities as it relates to Spirit Days such as photography, etc.
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