Nazareth Association
Nazareth Association

The purpose of this committee is reflective of the mission statement that states “The members of the Nazareth Association, consisting of alumni, faculty and staff and friends of the schools once operated by the Sisters of St. Joseph at Nazareth, seek to continue the century-old tradition of holistic human development throughout reunions and informative programs for the membership, as well as scholarships and grants to memorialize the search for knowledge and service to the world community.”

The Committee on Scholarships is composed of a chairperson, three board members, and, if desired, two additional members of the Nazareth Association.

Specifically, this committee will:
  1. Plan and coordinate the annual scholarship program via mailings, review of applicants, determination of eligibility, and selection of finalists
  2. Annually review the criteria used and determine if changes are needed
  3. Coordinate the process for any “one time” scholarships brought forth by families, association members, and/or outside individuals
  4. Coordinate the naming of any new scholarship, if necessary
  5. Provide updates, as needed, to the Nazareth Association website coordinator
  6. Work with the office staff to determine cost effective mailings such as news releases, financial aid offices, scholarship packets, etc.
  7. Submit an annual financial request for inclusion into the annual fiscal budget both in the amount of scholarships and monies needed by the committee
  8. Submit a written report at all board meetings
  9. Coordinate the portion of the luncheon where the scholarship winners are announced at Spirit Day and all other such events to be named
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