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  • MICHAEL ESPY (Sunday, September 12 21 02:24 pm EDT)

    Hello, my name is Michael (Selner) Espy. I attended The Hall in the mid and late 1960's. Father Selner was a relation of mine through my step father. Left after 5th grade to attend Parchment schools.

  • Mary s (Saturday, May 08 21 10:21 pm EDT)

    in 1963-64 I was A freshman there. The nuns said I signed a loan, but my mother told me that was not legal since is was underage. Is there a record of the amount I owed?
    Mary s. St. Germaine

  • Julie Armstrong-Zwart (Wednesday, October 07 20 04:28 pm EDT)

    Trying to get in touch with Pat Schramm and Pat Essig, Nazareth Academy’57. Remember “Yukyuk”.

  • Dr. Patricia Quattrin (Tuesday, July 14 20 04:16 pm EDT)

    The Benton Harbor Girls Academy Seeking Lead Teacher/Academy Mistress
    The Benton Harbor Girls Academy is seeking a qualified female Lead Teacher/Academy Mistress for grades four through eight. The Academy is an intercity, non-graded, individualized learning environment with a maximum of ten girls per classroom. If interested, in addition to teaching, the candidate of choice will have the skill and experience to also serve as the part-time Mistress (principal) of the Academy. The small school setting and dual responsibility is ideal for a creative, organized and dedicated educator. Preferred candidates should hold a Bachelor degree in education or education leadership and have a minimum of two years teaching. Interested individuals please send a resume, including education, experience, and references, to Dr. Patricia Ann Quattrin Ph.D., Executive Director, Benton Harbor Girls Academy, P.O. Box 840, Benton Harbor, MI 49023, or to

  • Jane Hildebrandt Karr (Sunday, May 24 20 01:05 pm EDT)

    Would you have any information about Sr. Mary Aurelia? She taught my mom and dad at St. Josaphat's in Detroit, MI. She was a close friend to our family. I have a gold cross that she gave to my mom upon my birth. I would like to know what happened to her and where she is buried. My folks spoke very highly of her.

  • Margaret Beahan (Thursday, January 30 20 12:41 pm EST)

    Thank you for posting the Sisters' obituaries. They were always hard for me to find before I found them on the Association website. Sr Dorothy Doyle was my high school typing teacher. I have used my typing skills as often as any others I have learned and I am grateful for that.

  • Phil Quinlan (Saturday, October 19 19 02:29 pm EDT)

    My father, James Peter Quinlan, attended Barbour Hall from 1946-1950. He fondly speaks of his experiences at BH: I am seeking any individuals who may of attend with him or have images to share. I am working in a video for him. Thank you in advance. CARPE DIEM!

  • Patricia Thelen (Sunday, September 22 19 11:32 am EDT)

    Gail Brown, nursing prof.
    Pat Ira, nursing prof.
    Jacki Sargent, class of 1988 or 89
    Laurie Wilmore, class of 1988 or 89

  • Dawn Buisson (Monday, June 10 19 12:22 pm EDT)

    Hello.Interested in any graduation ceremony pictures from Nazareth Academy 1946. My mother graduated from there and has penned very loving memories of her time there. Want to include any pictures in her memoires the family is publishing. Helen Virginia Tayak Thank you. Her 2nd daughter, Dawn Buisson

  • Joyce McNally (Wednesday, May 15 19 11:01 pm EDT)

    Looking forward to seeing many members and friends of Nazareth Association at the Spirit Day gathering in Kalamazoo on Saturday, September 21. It will be held at the Lawrence Center at Borgess Hospital, just down the road -- a short distance from the Nazareth Campus.

  • louis Zemlick (Wednesday, May 08 19 10:18 am EDT)

    Please contact me we are trying to save Nazareth Mother house and any thing

  • Jennifer Carpio (Monday, April 22 19 09:55 am EDT)

    Baseball 1992 - I am looking for a picture of the team from that year or even 1991. My husband played there and he has since passed. I would like to get that photo to his daughters. THANK YOU

  • Sharon (Ringlein) Anderson-Western (Thursday, April 18 19 09:58 pm EDT)

    Our next Annual Gathering (formerly called Spirit Day) will be Saturday September 21, 2019. Save the date! Details will be coming!

  • Karen D Sowards (Tuesday, March 05 19 06:05 pm EST)

    My family have had several daughters, sisters, aunts, great-aunts, cousins who have taken vows and resided at Nazareth's Sisters of St Joseph Convent.
    How might I get information on their life and service?

  • Marilynn F Hall (Saturday, March 02 19 04:27 pm EST)

    Does anyone have any information about my dear friend and study-buddy Debra Oakes? She graduated in 1989, and later moved to Connecticut.

  • Thomas Jones (Wednesday, July 25 18 11:30 am EDT)

    Hi..any one out there from Barbour Hall class of 1954 ?? I have ( through google ) located some former classmates..and know about some who have left us..Tom Jones BH 1954

  • Joy Vntrease (Friday, June 08 18 09:09 pm EDT)

    cademy or Narareth College grads in the Cincinnati area I addition to Ida Critelli and Joy Vantrease?

  • Tami Kissane - Suwarsky (Monday, May 28 18 12:07 am EDT)

    Class of 1988
    BSN. Any fellow nursing grads out there? I attended Nazareth, 1984-1988. RA In dorms on 3- Connors and the
    1-Dooley. Have many fond memories of my years at Nazareth. Would love to connect with former classmates and those involved in residence life.

  • Linda (Saturday, December 16 17 03:43 pm EST)

    This is to inform you that Harvey Stapleton, class of 1948 from Barbour Hall, passed
    away on May 30, 2017. He attended from third grade until graduation from eighth
    grade after which he attended St. Augustine High School in Kalamazoo, the University
    of Michigan, The University of California, Berkeley where he received his Ph.D in
    Physics. He then taught at the University of Illinois where 25 students received
    their Ph.D degrees under his guidance. I think the good study habits that he said
    were instilled at Barbour Hall really paid off.

    Mrs. (Joan) Harvey Stapleton
    3806 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Unit 310
    Longboat, Key, FL 34228

  • Anita Rosenberg (Saturday, November 04 17 05:50 pm EDT)

    Most likely our oldest grad from Nazareth College,Helen LaFaniere Pike at the age of 101 passed away on October 11, 2018

  • susan bartone (Monday, May 08 17 02:09 pm EDT)

    I am from the class of 1987. I got my BSN in nursing.

  • Susan Bartone (Monday, May 08 17 11:11 am EDT)

    I was in the class of 1987. I was a nursing student who graduated. Any fellow 1987 classmates out there?

  • Dr. Rick Olsen (Wednesday, April 19 17 08:38 am EDT)

    As I approach the end of my teaching career, I am thankful for the start I had as the science instructor at Nazareth College. I have fond memories of my students and my experiences at the College and have always been proud of how well the college took care of our students in the two years we were closing the institution. Thank you to all.

  • Joyce McNally (Wednesday, January 11 17 03:27 am EST)

    Spirit Days 2017 - June 23 %26 June 24
    If you are a grad from Barbour Hall, Borgess School of Nursing,
    St. Joseph/Flint School of Nursing or Nazareth College this is a significant year for you: 50 years -- a milestone event! Please contact the Nazareth Association Office (269.342.1191)for a list of your classmates and make plans to join them at Nazareth in June.

  • Linda Schaner (Tuesday, May 17 16 03:30 am EDT)

    Death of Lois Roeters Weesies
    Lois was my classmate for Borgess School of Nursing Class of 1966
    Lois died unexpectedly Feb 8, 2015 She was a dear friend, devoted to her family %26 friends. She was religious with great Faith in God %26 his goodness.
    She was older than most of us in our Class of 1966 because she already had a career as a legal secretary but felt the calling to become a nurse; her family relied on her good judgments throughout her years.
    She will always have a special place in my heart as over the last few years we had been able to renew our friendship so I loved it when we could spend time together..... she had a peaceful presence %26 a loving listening ear. She always was "engaged" with life.
    I envision her playing the piano or organ %26 singing in Heaven.
    I miss her Linda Schaner

  • Daniel Barrett Nazareth 1989 (Thursday, June 18 15 08:38 pm EDT)

    Pamela S. Knowlton
    Passed away on February 26, 2015. She was 55; Pamela graduated from Nazareth College in 1984 and worked in the registrar's office there.

  • Angelo Corridori (Monday, February 16 15 02:30 am EST)

    Mary (Cabic) Hunt
    I am trying to reach Carol (Cabic) Hunt. I found a 2011 newsletter from your organization on the web. Carol wrote an article for that newsletter but there is no contact information for her. So I am posting to this forum in the hope that someone there knows her address or phone number or a way to get in touch with her.

    The reason I am trying to contact her is that my father (Frank Corridori) I believe was her Godfather. I am doing some genealogy research and my father and Carol's father were apparently boyhood friends and that is perhaps why my father was asked to be Carol's Godfather. I was hoping to speak with Carol to see if she had any recollection of my father or perhaps her father might have told her something about his friendship with my father when they were young men. If anyone knows how to contact her or can pass this message along to her, I'd appreciate it. You can reach me at: Thanks for any help.

  • George Levy (Monday, September 22 14 10:04 pm EDT)

    Dorothy Suma from Detroit (1966)
    Any one know of Dorothy Suma from Detroit, attended Nazareth around 1966 and 67?

  • Rita Faulkner) Bevers (Thursday, September 12 13 02:07 am EDT)

    Nazareth Academy 1964 graduating class
    If you graduated from Nazareth Academy in 1964, please contact me. Would love to make
    contact with you. I have often wondered what happened to all of my friends from high school.

  • Theo Mc Cracken (Tuesday, July 30 13 03:38 am EDT)

    lost friend from class of 73
    I am Theo McCracken owner of Dead River Coffee in Marquette Mi. In the early 1970's I was a young soldier in love with a Nazareth student. Her name was at the time Christine Maynard. I am a happy man today in part because of her, and the memories that presist, of sunlite days, azalias in bloom in Augusrta Ga in the spring, of days on the lake and dancing very close are comforting. I have remembered this woman for over 40 years. Please help me reconnect.

  • Jackie Sargent-Caldwell (Sunday, February 17 13 11:27 pm EST)

    Where are you?
    Looking for classmates in the following years: 1987, 1988, 1989. Contact me via my email or this message board.

  • JIM QUINLAN (Saturday, February 09 13 09:23 pm EST)




  • Jeff Way (Tuesday, November 27 12 02:16 am EST)

    Class of 1987 Memories
    Playing soccer during the Steve Unger years with Kevin Labadie, Randy Packer, Michael Graham, Doug Beauregard, Todd Perrin, Hideto Watanebe, Dave Nivala,John Roumayah.
    Hanging out with Brian DeCook
    The quiet library
    The day someone kidnapped the Elias Brothers Big Boy and gave him a new home on the Nazareth College campus.
    Walking back to the dorms from the GRT
    Listening to Billy Idol and Madonna songs while eating at the Tunnel Stop

    Cool people in Nazareth history like Jo Phebus, Darlene Mosher, Debbie Loomis, Father Dick Lilieart (sp?), Sr. Rosemary Kenarny, Pat Smith, Jeff Morgan

    If anyone has heard from Michele Zingrebe, Todd Perrin, Ian Shepherd and has their contact information, please let them know im looking for them:)

  • Michael Coleman (Tuesday, October 23 12 05:11 am EDT)

    Riding the big blue carts through the tunnels
    Steak Night
    Doing "rounds" in the dorms (I was an RA)
    Sneaking out into the cemetery at night
    Painting murals in the Environmental room in thhe old academy building
    The stairway in the old academy building
    Running around the track in the fitness building
    And many more....

  • Suzanne Lareau (Monday, August 17 09 11:13 pm EDT)

    Impressive information
    Thanks so much Michael for keeping the spirit alive. Nazareth was an important place for so many of us and even though the builings are all gone the many things that we learned at Nazareth continue on through the many people whose lives we touch. See you on September 25 %26 26, it should be a great opportunity for all of us to reconnect.

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