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Submitted by Sr. Grace Scola - Posted to website on 12/09/2013

Dear Nazareth Alumni,

Our "Meet and Eat" group met this past November 2013. This was our second dinner. Everyone seemed to enjoy the meal, even though it is a small group.

It is a nice treat from our routine daily meals in the large dining room of Nazareth Center. It was a delight to cook for such an appreciative group. I welcomed the help from Nurse Jana, Sister Pat Mullen and a couple of Sisters from the Center. It was enjoyable work.

December is a month of many activities, as you well know, so we will resume the dinners in January 2014. Perhaps we will host two dinners a month.

Thank you again, dear Alumni, for making this project possible. And thanks to ALL for the candy treats you have been sending to us.

Gratefully, Sister Grace and Jana Van Antwerp
The "Meet and Eat" group for November 2013.

The Borgess School of Nursing Class of 1968 had their 45th Reunion in October of 2013 in Kalamazoo
Submitted by Janis Ward - Posted to website on 11/18/2013
The class photo from the night of dinner. Please note: Ruth Olech, seated bottom right, one of our instructors attended.

Written by Janice Candela - Posted to website on 11/07/2013

The History Room in the basement of the Mother House is not just a testament to our past Nazareth history, but also is a representation of the present activities of the Sisters. Thanks to the foresight of Sisters Mary and Martha Hallock with the collaboration of Sister Marilyn Sullivan and Sister Marie Travers, many artifacts have been preserved. Since 2006 Sister Irene Waldmann has been a major presence in preserving our past and encouraging our future.

There are two new displays that showcase what the Sisters are doing now. One is in the center of the room and shows photos of the on campus Sisters at work. It tells of the many activities which they do in order to help each other and to continue to be involved with a variety of activities. The other is a new kiosk at the entrance and shows the Sisters current off campus involvement with medical clinics, education and parish administration to name a few.

The History Room reflects on the past, celebrates the present and embraces the future. Nazareth is forever!

Written by Randall Berd - Posted to website on 10/31/2013

The Nazareth Association Board of Directors held its fall meeting on Saturday, October 20, 2013 at Nazareth Center. Highlights of the meeting were:

A new Executive Board was elected for the next two years. The officers are:

Randall Berd, President
Anita Rosenberg, Vice President
Priscilla Swiat, Secretary
Michael Coleman, Treasurer

The Board of Directors also welcomed four new members in addition to returning board member, Michael Coleman. They are Mary Ann Dalton, CSJ, Mary Margaret Lusch, Margaret Rasberry, and Karen Tavernier

An evaluation of last month’s Spirit Day was conducted with numerous accolades to Mary Van Tassel on her leadership skills in coordinating another successful weekend. Discussion was centered on increasing participation by the membership in addition to increasing on-line registrations for the next year.

Under the coordination of Dan Barrett, memorabilia sales have continued to increase especially among the newer items for purchase. In coordination with Michael Coleman (website coordinator), Dan hopes to have the link on the Nazareth Association website available with pictures of the clothing such as sweatshirts and hoodies up and running before the Christmas holidays.

A survey was conducted at Spirit Day that sought the opinions of the member present. The fall and spring newsletters received very positive remarks as well as the Spirit Day activities conducted annually. Of concern to the membership was the Nazareth Association website and how it should be more news worthy with updates. The board reviewed all comments and pledged greater energies in using the website as a better avenue of communication in addition to all social media.

The 2014 budget was passed and the contributions to the Community Service Grants and Scholarships were each raised to $10,000 from the present $8,000.

Understanding that the Association has been in existence for over twenty years now, the next year of 2014 will be used to review all policies and procedures in preparation for a five year strategic plan.

A calendar of the 2014 board meetings was distributed for review. Three will be held at Nazareth Center and the June, 2014 meeting will be held in the Detroit-area. All members are cordially invited to attend these meetings.

Spirited 50 Year Reunion for BSN Class of 1963
Written by Mary Van Tassel and Gladys Sudeikis, coordinators - posted to website on 10/22/2013

On the evening of Friday, September 27th, classes celebrating their special reunions rocked for the Borgess School of Nursing, class of 1963. We had 29 classmates that traveled back to Kalamazoo to share their stories and get reconnected. Those that were able to attend appreciated the classmates who came from Australia, California, North Dakota and Colorado. We especially enjoyed the history of Virginia Imanse Sargeant, when her husband David recounted her nursing and family experiences in his Australian accent.

We also learned that Peggy Brady Berkhousen is writing a book about our nursing school days and hopes to have it printed and available at next year’s Spirit Day (come to get a signed copy – maybe find yourself in a story).

We have several classmates still working including Sr. Lenora Benda, Rose Mary Kissane Eldridge as a Gerontolgical Nurse Practitioner, and Jake Burdick Russell who was unable to join use as she was called to work at a small hospital in Eaton Rapids. She reported she is the oldest nurse in the hospital and states new nurses are not as well prepared as we were to take charge.

We also learned that we have lost only 3 classmates, most recently Kathleen Henretty Wells (2012) and Kathleen Kane Jelsomeno (2010), both due to cancer of the breast. Jan Curaing Nicholson was the first to pass with a brain tumor. Our beloved teacher of Pharmacology, Vera Wallach has also passed this past year.

Classmates enjoyed a 50% discount on school memorabilia – shirts and jackets with the school seal. Check these out on our website:

We encouraged the husbands to come to Spirit Day and those that did enjoyed a free day at the Gilmore Car Barns and toured with guide Jerry Van Tassel. See you next year!

Pictures were taken at the luncheon and Friday evening. Look for these in our newsletter and on the website.

We ask that you continue to update us with your current contact information by emailing

FALL 2013 - SPIRIT DAY UPDATE - A New Tradition Begins

Written by Randall Berd - Posted to website 10/2013

The Nazareth Association has initiated a new tradition of commemorating the Congregation of St. Joseph. Annually, the board will select a minimum of two sisters that served as exemplary professional, academic and spiritual mentors to students, faculty, and staff. This year, CSJ Sisters Irene Waldmann, Mary Hallock and the late Martha Hallock will be honored for their years of service to the thousands of students they came in contact with during their respective administrative and classroom tenures.

In tribute to them and the CSJ community, trees will be planted in their honor on the grounds of Nazareth campus.

“We are excited to begin this tradition,” said Anne Marie Bradley (NC ‘91), president of the Nazareth Association. “Trees represent growth. So many of the Sisters gave us a firm foundation – our roots – both in our personal lives and professional careers and we want to continue to acknowledge their endeavors and sacrifices with this simple gesture.”

The event will take place on Saturday morning, September 29th, at the conclusion of the annual business meeting. The site of the tree planting will be near the main entrance of the Transformations Conference Center. “This location is most fitting and ideal. We will be reminded each time we gather for future Spirit Days of the continuous transformation within us and these trees,” said Bradley.

Association members may also pay tribute with comments honoring Sisters Irene, Mary and the late Martha via the Nazareth Association website – specifically, under the MESSAGE BOARD tab.
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